Ideas in motion.



for the elbow joint

  • Handheld programming unit for easy operation
  • Patient chip card to store patient-specific treatment parameters
  • Swift conversion for treatment of the right or left elbow joint
  • Anatomically correct motion (PNF pattern) with synchronized motors and entry of patient-specific treatment values
  • Higher efficiency through additional functions
  • Forearm is placed on a carriage with automatic length adjustment
  • Forearm held in place by sandwich straps to prevent muscle contractions during therapy
  • Optimal ease-of-use and hygiene with novel seat and armrest padding that is easy to disinfect


  • Arthrotomy and arthroscopy procedures in combination with synovectomy, arthrolysis
  • Surgical treatment of fractures and pseudoarthrosis
  • Exercise-stable osteosynthesis
  • Endoprosthetic implants
  • Treatment following mobilization of joints in anesthetized patients
  • Reconstructive surgery of biceps tendons
  • Operations on soft tissue in the joint area

Technical Data